About Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauce

Our very first label

Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauces is a cottage industry created by Jesse Thompson to support the non profit efforts of the Sacred Works Project, whose mission is to support and bring about projects of loving kindness.  The wave on the label symbolizes a wave of loving kindness in perfect union with the blue sky of mind, it came from a dream of His Holiness the Sixteenth Karmapa who stated when he woke, “Where ever this banner flies, the Dharma will flourish.”  This image became known as the Dream Flag.

Being a little wild and crazy, I decided I wanted to put that banner in every kitchen in America and maybe the world.  Out of my deep love for the Karmapa and the quality of loving kindness I came know as bodhicitta, I began saying mantra blessings over each batch of sauce.  The cannery continues this tradition today saying the mantra, I offer you oceans of bodhi-kindness three times, with each batch they make.  I figured the blessing it gave our food couldn’t hurt and in the end the blessing might even heal with hot sauce.


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