Another Fantastic Review of Mama’s Fire

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Hello all here is another fantastic review for Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauce. I am coping it all for you, but here is the link so see it in its proper form at Precious Metal a very hip Buddhist Blog.

Food Review: Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce & BBQ Sauce

October 17, 2011

Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce
Brought to you by The Sacred Works Project

A while back, after a teaching by Lama Migmar, I drove him back to Boston from the Cape. We hadn’t eaten yet, and when we got to his brother’s house he invited me in for dinner. We had a traditional Tibetan Soup with a light salad. He asked me if I wanted to try some Tibetan sauce (it was more of a paste) and warned me it was hot. I LOVE spicy stuff so I was down. Not only was it great, and a little burny (yeah it’s not a word, I just made it up) but I had to have more.

For months afterward I was trying to find anything that was similar and until I opened the mailbox one day and saw some Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce in there, nothing stacked up.

MFTHS (it’s easier to abbreviate this one, lots of typing with this name) is not dead on to what I had with Lama Migmar, but it is comparable in it’s own way. It is very unique in the fact ginger seems to be one of the main ingredients, and while it does not add heat, it most definitely adds some bite. I’ve put it on just about any sort of dish I use hot sauce with. My favorite it is to use it on turkey tacos, the ground turkey absorbs a lot of the flavor and still leaves the heat. When I can, I use this stuff in every dish that calls for hot sauce.

Along with the Tibetan Hot Sauce came a bottle of BBQ Sauce. The first opportunity I had, I marinated some chicken in this stuff, grilled it up and wow, it was fantastic. Some BBQ sauces out there have to much honey, to much smoke and they just lack a good flavor. Mama’s Fire BBQ has a clean, tangy flavor without the smoky aftertaste of a lot of the store bought sauces.

My wife got a skirt steak a few weeks back and let it sit in a crock pot for 8 hours. It melted into a pulled beef heaven. But, I’m not here writing about my wife’s skill at cooking, we’re here to talk about this sauce. I’ve been huge on eating lots of proteins and stuff like that, so one day I took some of the left over skirt steak, microwaved it with some of Mama’s Fire BBQ and poured it over some brown rice. When I was finished a small tear came to my eye, because I realized there was none left. Not only was the beef gone, but so was the BBQ sauce.  😦

I am a big fan of both of these sauces as you can tell, and I think you ought to give them a try. I still have a bit of the hot sauce left, so I haven’t started shaking from the Mama’s Fire dt’s yet.

Jesse here again, good review I thought, I would love to hear your thoughts of course.

We have come up with an idea to help motivate folks to send us recipes.  It is simple and direct, a bit like myself, my wife calls me the bull in the china shop.  If you send us a recipe, either by facebook or though our web page, we will send you a free bottle of the sauce you used in your creation.  We are putting together a Mama’s Fire Cook Book and would love to include you recipe, so that it might be shared with all.  Thank you again for your support.

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Mama’s Fire makes some Thukpa (Tibetan soup)

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I had the great fortune recently of be given a new recipe for a Tibetan soup called Thukpa, which actually has  Tibetan hot sauce as a traditional ingredient.   As I did a bit of looking around on the web.  I found that there is a great deal of good information about this soup.  So, I thought I would do my best today to share what I found along with our family recipe.

My sister came up from California, she is the one in the family who has done most of the travel.  While in India she learned how to make this wonderful soup called Thukpa.  Thukpa a fantastic blend of meat (can be made vegetarian of course) veggies and noodles.  The spices include ginger, onions, salt, pepper and of course Tibetan hot sauce!  Here is our family recipe and then I will share some others I found while writing this entry.


It tastes even better then it looks!

Stew beef or Lamb 1 lb

Onion 1 sweet onion

Garlic 5-6 cloves

Ginger 1/2 cup grated or cut finley

1 small package of egg noodles (the youtube teaches you how to make your own if you would like.)

Collard greens or spinach as much as you want, I like a lot of greens,  I would say we put in one full bag of the prepped greens you get at the store.

Salt and pepper the meat.  Cut onion into bit size pieces.  Grade the ginger.  Rinse garlic and cut finely.  Sate the onion, garlic and ginger with the meat, at a high heat searing the meat to keep in the juices of the meat in a large stew pot. Fill your pot with water and let these ingredients simmer covered for four hours.  While the meat, garlic, onion and ginger simmer you can prep the rest of vegetables.  Wash and cut greens into large bite size pieces to be added later with the noodles.  Once the simmering is done add the noodles and greens cook until done.  Serve with Tibetan hot sauce and enjoy!

Here is a youtube from Gate Way to Tibet which will show you how to make the soup, they add other ingredients which made me curious to try it there way.  My sister did say that for a “fancy” Thukpa, other vegetables can be added.  My thought is that whatever you would enjoy would be alright.

Here is another fun blog called In Love With Food, which gives another fun recipe for the soup.

Much love to you all.

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