The great mother as Coatlicue in all her glory!


It is a tough bind being in business and having such a dislike for commercialism, let me clarify is is not so much commercialism but its lack of kindness that gets to me.  I believe that this consumerism is telling us something is missing and we have to find it.  What we have to find is in us already.  The loving kindness of the great mother.  The truth of the matter is the only thing that has kept me going with the Sacred Works Project and Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauce is the idea that I am healing with hot sauce and working to bring bodhicitta loving kindness into the world.  It has been my way of finding what is missing in myself and my hope is that it will help you all to find the same kindness which resides in you.  This is how we can meet the dark age with living kindness.  Here is my black friday post, a new Tara Tale as my way of acknowledging the power of the material world.

Quatzequatel’s Wound

The Birth of the Dark Age

 By Jesse G. Thompson

         “So now we come to it at last.” Tara smiled, “I now introduce you my children, to mother law. The great double headed Serpent Coatlicue with all of her coils. This, my students of ancient lore, is my final tale; it is the tale of how the dark age began.”

         I have shared before with you all how the bull headed demon came to hold the greatest goddess mother Tara law. When the time was right the law changed and once again I was able to bring about the golden age with my sisters and brothers three. Well before the King of the demons received his boon there was a wondrous time and in that time a great yogi held my law. This man’s name was Quatzequatel. This is the story of how he lost his boon, my law to the King of the demons. This is how the dark age of Kalima was born.

         You see, Karma is adamantine and the law had changed and my sweet yogi brother gave it all to the demons, one gift after another, until he could only float away on a raft of serpents into the sunset.

         You may not know Quatzequatel’s tale, in fact I am sure you don’t as this is my first telling of it. Let us all rejoice and feast, children; settle in with your parents and listen to the tale of Coatlicue’s child.

         You see, my children, he was a man who held my law correctly and loving kindness reigned supreme. Understand please all of you for this is essential, he was a heart son mahasiddha, who, like the later Christ, Krishna, Ram, Hanuman, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Gareb Dorjo, Nargajuna, the 84 and the great Karmapas; all those brilliant beings in the Kagyu and Ningma lines, Bodhi Dharma, Drulepa Kunley and so many others. I hope that clarifies the lineage.”

         Tara was becoming more wrathful than her students had ever seen; she became a fury as she shared her tale. Her eyes flashed like diamond razors and her hair dance in the breeze of radiant bliss flowing out of her like a storm.

         “For you see and know it well from this moment forth my law is the vajra law. If you hold it right you receive oceans and oceans of Bodhi bliss, all karma met. The Buddha called this vibration, my vibration bodhicitta, Christ the kingdom of heaven or the grail. ‘My law, my vibration,’ proclaimed Tara, ‘is the holy grail and it is the law of bodhicitta, as she spoke these teachings words changed into a terrible hiss.  Her body changed in front of the crowd.  Right before their eyes, Tara transformed into a double headed serpent with rainbow scales and wings of such radiant bliss. She wore a necklace of severed human hands. A skirt of all the venomous serpents ever known writhed around her legs, so beautiful indeed, giving birth to a child in the very moment of the ring of fire.

         “Now you see my children, my manifestations of Marici, Tara as mother law. I am God’s consort and it is I who reside on the tree of life. My apple is karma and it will be met in adamantine fashion. “Take a bite of my apple,” Tara hissed, “and you will know the great whore. Know my law, Bodhi bliss, and you will quickly meet her to her very end and give birth to this display, the great queen of the Nagas in Bodhi bliss, rainbow serpent form.

         “Quatzequatel held this his mothers law you know her as Coatlicue but she is also mother Mary, and yes, that’s just another manifestation of me. He wasn’t tricked as you might think by those three black sorcerers. They had their way with him to be sure but it was the changing of an age, so he had no choice. Just as the Bull King had no choice when I ripped his throat out and drained his blood.

         “The sorcerers helped Coatlicue’s son, my son,” Tara said in her double serpent glory, venom dripping from her fangs. They helped indeed; the karma changed, he became it rather than met it when he crossed the line with his sister, he should not have slept with her and he lost his penis for the act. Stabbed a hundred times, then cut off and thrown in the dirt for good measure. All my karma met in one nasty bite.

         Tara, now both diamond heads smiling, fangs glistening with venom, skirt all serpents striking out at the air. She gave a hiss that made the children scramble into their parents arms. “Then the poor soul he had to leave his kingdom. To lose as entire kingdom; what a fall.  He walked and bled, bled and walked; at each stop a demon waiting to take his due, when all of his powers had been given to the Bull Headed King of the demons, he stopped and waited, bleeding into the ocean as the sun set, until a raft of serpents came to meet him.

         Then he sailed away upon my coils taking the all the Nagas with him. He left behind him hell in all realms, until I was called by my brothers Bhrama, Vishnu, and Shiva to take the law back once again and give birth to the golden age.

         Tara had settled again on her throne. She smiled, still serpentine and settled in to finish her tale.

         My great retinue of glorious beings, this is what it looks like when you meet my great law with Bodhi bliss.

         Tara rose into the air, her coils glistened like rainbows sparkling in the cloud. This is what Quatzequatel held up with his yoga. I have such love for him and all who hold me up as the Rainbow Feathered Serpent. As she said those words she vanished into rainbow light.

         “And now you know the tale of the great wound of Quatzequatel.” Her voice resonated, “and how it brought with it the Black Age, the dark age of Kalima.”

The End