Mama’s Fire for Breakfast

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I wanted to share with you all a fantastic dish that I have been eating for breakfast.  This comes from my days of living at a Buddhist retreat center called Karme Choling in Vermont. Here is a picture of their beautiful shrine room.  I spent many hours there watching my mind.  That is another story altogether.

This retreat center is were I was first introduced to Tibetan hot sauce.  Back then I used brown rice to prepare my breakfast.  But I am less picky these days.  It may not be a breakfast dish for everyone but I love it.  I have been cooking up a batch of rice on the weekend using my rice cooker, so that the meal is quick and easy to prepare before I head in for work.  So here it is, one bowl full of rice enough to fill you up, with a teaspoon of Mama’s Fire Tibetan hot sauce, soy sauce to taste (I use about 2 tablespoons soy sauce) and enough butter do that it will stir in and cover each grain of rice.  I have heard stories of Tibetan Lama’s who are doing many many full body prostrations, who will actually eat a full stick of butter in their morning meal.  This of course is only if you are doing 10,000 prostrations in a session.  For the rest of us, a half tablespoon of butter should do the trick.  I use a microwave in the morning, but for those who don’t want to use this device, try cooking it all up in a pan until hot.  Stir it all together and enjoy!

For my readers in Portland and Eugene Oregon who would like to try the sauce we are out sampling again.  We will be doing samplings in the Eugene stores of Market of Choice on 7/23/11. This time we’ll be set up at the Delta Oaks store from 11 til 2.  Then, from 3 til 6 we’ll be set up at the Willakenzie Market of Choice handing out samples of our hot sauce & the BBQ sauce.  The following day, Sunday the 24th, we’ll be handing out samples up in the Portland area at the Hillsdale Food Front store. 11 til 2.  Then later on Sunday 3 til 6 Josh will cart our little table over to the Thurman Food Front and hand out even more samples.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste


I just found this – I Actually Googled Myself.

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Just googled myself -this is something I found.  A really kind review from an old friend of mine from High School.

A spicy Boulder success story

I’d like to take a moment to brag about Jesse Thompson, an old friend, a BHS alumni and author of The Dharma Brats: Growing Up Buddhist in America.

First, a small disclaimer.  I haven’t seen or talked to Jesse since, if memory serves, 1992.

I remember Jesse as one of the calmest, happiest people I’ve ever met.  My strongest memory was that he was always wearing a big, genuine smile.

The fact that it is nearly 20 years later and I still want to boast about Jesse’s accomplishments should give you an idea of how much respect and admiration I have for the guy.

Mama’s Fire – a traditional Tibetan hot sauce

Jesse is the founder of Mama’s Fire, a traditional Tibetan hot sauce, which is drawing rave reviews.  The coolest thing about Mama’s Fire (pun intended) is that it is a Sacred Works Project, a non-profit, non-denominational business whose mission is to support projects of a sacred nature.

I am not a spiritual person and I struggle to tolerate most religion and religious rhetoric.  Despite my natural state of scepticism, I find the simplicity of the Project’s mission statement to be inspirational.

“We trust that humans seek their own goodness or truth. Although we cannot know what each person’s journey will look like, we want to support them in their search for truth.”

Jesse Thompson – I think this was in NYC circa 1992

Congrats Jesse on your dedication to an excellent concept and a great product.  I hope we can sit down some day, eat a meal (smothered in Mama’s Fire) and reconnect.

I believe we should reconnect my friend.  I would love to share some red chicken with you and yours.  Thank you for letting me share this with all my friends.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste