Mama’s Fire another poem and a recipe

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This is another more from the founder kind of post.  It is just for fun.

First the recipe:

Now David and I became friends in collage as he was my collage room mate and later we shared a place on the upper east side together.  Many fantastic stories later, he gave me this recipe, It was great to reconnect.  So here it is:

The Mama’s Fire Egg Sandwich from my friend David B.

3 eggs

2 tbs milk

1/2 teaspoon Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce paste

1 precooked yummy sausage of your choice

1 sourdough role

Break three eggs and scramble with the milk until fluffy.  Set the prepared eggs aside.  Cut the sausage in half and put in a pan over a medium heat.  Brown on both sides.  Put the sausage on your plate.  Put your cut role, cut side down on the pan to toast.  As soon as the role is finished take it out put it on your plate with the sausage on the bottom half of the role.  Next, put 1/2 teaspoon of Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce in your pan with your fluffed eggs.  Mix the Mama’s Fire into your eggs while you scramble them.  For those who like it hot, add more oil.  The oil holds the heat the paste has all the flavor. That is how I cook with it.  When done put your eggs on your sausage.  Put ketchup on if you like.  I’ve have always liked ketchup on my egg sandwiches. Put your top half of the role on top and enjoy yourselves a sandwich.


At the End is at the beginning

At the end is at the beginning.

Where does a yogi go from here?

Trained not to desire, only to surrender.

At the end is at the beginning.

The beginning of an adventure.

Golden gates of bodhi bliss,

Protected oceans of Tara.

At the end is at the beginning.

Sacred Ingredients…Enlightened Taste


A Mama’s Fire Poem

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This post is more from me the founder, it has been a while since I shared a poem with all.  Here is a short on that came through recently,

I am a lowly yogi

it is true

I like to dance and sing and play like you.

A prankster fool

A goofy fool

A peaceful fool

Dark age met.

Let us close the door

And don’t open it again.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste