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Devotion in action

I was asked to write a short article about the relic tour for a magazine out here in Portland and so, I thought I would share it with my loyal blog readers.

There is an opportunity for all and it is presently touring the world.  This opportunity is to be in the presence of the Buddha and 37 of the great Buddhist Masters throughout history.  The Maitreya Heart Shrine Relic Tour has made this possible.  They are touring with the relics, the remains of such masters as the Buddha Shakayamuni, Nargajuna, Shariputra, Marpa, Milarepa, Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsogyal, three of the incarnations of His Holiness the Karmapa and many other great Buddhist masters, some who have only passed away just a few short years ago.  The relics are touring with the intention of raising money to build a 500 foot bronze statue of Maitreya in Kushinagar, in India.  This statue will also include a school, a hospital and create many thousands of jobs for the region.  I am writing to share about this experience as it just came to Salem, Oregon and touched those that live here including my own family. The Sacred Works Project and Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauces sponsored the tour along with local meditation groups, local restaurants and devoted individuals.  I cannot say enough in thanks for them doing so, as I and my family were deeply moved by the experience.

Thank you Mama's Fire!

I must explain to all who are reading what a relic is, as it is a hard thing to understand and even harder to grasp why we would want to be in their presence.  When a Buddhist Master is cremated – traditionally called their Paranirvana  (their transition into Nirvana) they leave relics within their ashes which hold the quality of their realization.  These relics are called ringsel, they are small crystals or bone pearls found in the ashes after the cremation is complete.  My six year old son calls them, “the eggs that will never hatch”.

It is challenging to describe the relics presence using the words that English has to offer but I will try.  The air changes when the relics arrive.  It becomes kind and sweet like it has just been imbued with the protection of love.  It is as though these small pearl eggs hold the vibration of the master’s experience and they are giving it to the viewer, blessing them just by being near.  In the course of the weekend I watched as five hundred people came to see the relics from every walk of life.  Each time they came in hard, toughened by the normal expectations of the world but within just the few minutes they spent with the relics of these masters they were, put simply, changed.  I can only explain it by saying they came out more open, alive and interconnected with their environment.  Their faces were wide open, they shared their happiness and deep gratitude at having had the experience.  This did not just happen once, it happened over and over again.  Many of them returned the next day and stayed for hours just sitting in the presence of the relics.

I had the opportunity to talk with the coordinators of the tour and they shared that our experience in Salem was not at all uncommon.  Cristian who has been with the tour for two and a half years shared his experience in Mexico City where 37,000 people came to view the relics many with no connection to Buddhism at all.  Cristian himself is the embodiment of kindness and generosity.  He understood the power of the relics and humbly believes it is his honor and duty to share their blessings with everyone he comes into contact.  He stated that it was very good that the relics had come to a place they had never been before as not only did they bless the people they also blessed the land itself.

To view the relics one can find their schedule online at   To learn more about the Sacred Works Project and Mama’s Fire you can go to or

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste

By this merit may all obtain enlightenment


Mama’s Fire and the relics

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Sacred Works Project brought the Heart Shrine Relic Tour to Salem, Oregon.

This is a wild story.  I was looking on the internet and found the tour. I had heard about it from one of the Mama’s of Mama’s Fire, Cathy.   I wrote them and asked if the relics had ever come to Salem, Oregon? The response surprised me a bit.  The Maitreya Project wrote me back with, “No would you like to host us?”.  I had no idea what that meant, not the faintest clue how I would pull it off, and I responded, “Absolutely”.  My first thought, I want my family to experience this, to have the memories of hanging out with the relics of the Buddha and so many other great saints, Marpa, Milarepa, Shariputra and did I mention the Buddha himself (I was really excited as Cathy had said it was an extraordinary experience for her).

This is what happened last weekend.  All with the help of the lineage, there is no other way that it could have been done.

Here are some pictures.

Our alter

Cristian was so kind he actually put a bottle of Mama’s Fire Tibetan hot sauce on the alter.  It was my gift to him and Louisa I do hope they enjoy it.

This was the blessing area were we were actually blessed with the relics of the Gautama Buddha.

Our blessing line

I was blessed here five times this weekend.  My Father in law, wife, daughter and dog, Cali were all blessed here.  My son did not want a blessing but he loved the baby Buddha shrine were we poured water on the baby Buddha to purify ourselves.  It was amazing watching him guard the relics with his grandpa.   My sister and brother in law George and my Nephew were all blessed here as well.  It was exactly what I had asked for, my family and many of my friends were being blessed by the relics.

Here are the relics of the Buddha.

The Relics of Gautama Buddha

And here are some other relics I loved this weekend. Check this out in the up left (Stage left) corner you can see the relics of Yeshe Tsogyal and Padmasambhava together again.  Together was also Marpa and Milarepa.  This case also has the first Karmapa, 15th Karmapa and the 16th Karmapa sitting next to each other.  It was an incredible weekend.

They all feel happy together

I have to honor and thank Dino and Tyler at Venti’s they gave eight meals and helped out with our printing costs.  I got some pictures of the cook who came out to receive our thanks.

You can try Mama’s Fire at both Venti’s downtown and Tap House. And as of last week, the oldest drive though coffee shop in Salem, Espresso Road, the ladies there are fantastic and they will put the sauce on your egg sandwich if you ask.  You can buy it at Life Source, all locations can be found in Salem.

Here are those pictures.

The dedication of Merit.

You can see his shirt "I love Venti's"

Here we are giving our thanks, we were sorry Dino and Tyler weren’t there but I heard that Tyler worked 157 hours in the last two weeks opening their new Venti’s Tap House in South Salem, so we certainly understand.

Venti's receiving the pendants and gold Bodhi Leaf

It was an incredible weekend.  One that I will be loving for a long time.  If you can, I mean this sincerely, check out the relic tours next stop in Seattle, August 19-21.  You will be happy you did.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste