Mama’s Fire is the real thing!

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We just got back in town, your hot sauce and BBQ sauce were here. AWESOME!! Bhagavan Das LOVES them!!!!

I have had moments of doubt being a westerner and making a Tibetan hot sauce and calling it traditional.  Due to these doubts, I have sent the sauce to spiritual leaders of Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism for their feedback.  Keep in mind that this may feel like I am breaking away from a hot sauce food blog, and yes I am, and yet it was these teachers who have given me the feedback and confidence again and again to keep moving forward.  They have all shared with me their feelings that Mama’s Fire is authentic; giving me the confidence to keep my spirits up and do the work it takes to share it with you all.

Recently it has happened again!  in my early twenties I came to understand that Buddhism, like Christianity had its roots in another faith system.  The Buddha was a Hindu Brahman.  This inspired me to learn more and one of the yogis who helped me to take this journey was a wild and wise man named Bhagavan Das.  His book It’s Here Now, Are You? was transformative for me on my personal path and due to this, I decided to get in touch with him and send him samples of my Mama’s Fire Tibetan hot sauce and BBQ sauce.  Here was his initial response, I came home one day and found it in my inbox from his personal assistant, Kali,

Hi Jesse:)
We just got back in town, your hot sauce and BBQ sauce were here.
AWESOME!! Bhagavan Das LOVES them!!!!
He thanks you so much
and sends his love.

May you prosper in all ways:)
Kali and Baba

Of course I have great love for this man and a deeper love for his Guru Neem Karoli Baba and so I asked if he would be willing to give me a testimonial with his personal signature.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and he did!  It arrived in the mail last week, written on a simple piece of lined note book paper, torn edge and all (I plan on framing it just like it is) here is what he said:

Great Hot Sauce,

Reminds me of Solo Kumbher (a small town at the base of Mount Everest)

in Nepal.  This is the real Thing. OM mani PAdme Hum         Bhagavan Das

Om mani Padme Hum!

I am looking at it on top of a stack of papers on my desk as I write these words.  Thank you so much yogi brother for giving your blessing.  I cannot wait to share the sauce together with you one day.  I hear you love Oregon, maybe I can tempt you to come and spread your blessings in Salem as we need them badly.  Please enjoy Mama’s Fire! Here is a youtube of Bhagavan Das teaching which I felt shared both his spirit and his wisdom.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste


Mama’s Fire Short Ribs on the Menu!

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My operations manager just sent me this image, I am so excited that I had to share it with all my readers.  He went to Venti’s Taphouse tonight and found this on the menu.

Right there next to my earliest label!

I cannot wait to order these for myself, Clint said they looked fantastic and I believe him.  Tyler took the time to show him the ribs as they were going out to another table, and that is when Clint saw them on the menu.  Give them a try and let us know what you think. I can not wait to hear your thoughts.

We are getting ready to spread the word for the Salem, Oregon area, “Try Mama’s Fire at Venti’s, Buy it at Life Source!”  You will be glad you did.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste