Hello all!  I have been missing sharing my Mama’s Fire adventures with you all.  There have been so many things going on, all exciting but tonight I want to share with you a Mama’s Fire tradition.  The Tibetan New Year is in two days and this is said to be a very auspicious year coming up…the year of the Water Dragon.  But until we get there, we are in the darkest of all nights.  The two weeks before new years is known as Don Season.  Here is a link to the Interdependence Projects blog in which Lodro Rinzler gives a fun and wild explanation of don season. It is the culmination of all the karma of the year and it is also said to be when we are easily triggered into intense states of mind by spirits known as dons.  They like to trick us by getting us angry, jealous, prideful, filled with desires or ignorance.  It is a time when things can be quite challenging.  It gets progressively more challenging to hold our minds and tonight is the toughest of them all.

It has been a Mama’s Fire tradition to make a batch of hot sauce during this time and it is a tradition I completed about an hour ago.  I love watching the smoke rise from the sauce as the hot oil hits the vegetables and of course, I have the intention with my mantas and yogic practice to appease these prankster dons with with clouds of goodness.

We have been feasting during this time, another tradition of Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauce.  Last night I had the opportunity to enjoy a feast with my friend, my Sensie and the great man who has done all of our samplings here in Oregon.  He made me a healthy feast which he will soon be sharing on facebook.  It is easy to make and really quite healthy.  Here are the pictures to give you an idea,

Josh at the stove making the magic happen.

The meal itself was so simple and filling.  It was steak, and chicken which we braised with many herbs which will all be shared on Facebook as soon as Josh make the post and a healthy two teaspoons of Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce on each piece of meat.  When the meat was done it was cut up and placed back in the pan with broccoli and carrots.  Beans were warmed up (we had pinto beans from the can) and he made the rice in his rice cooker.  When we served up the rice went on the plate, then the beans and the meat and veggies went right on top with a healthy dollop of Tibetan hot sauce, it looked like this:

Simple and Good

And one more picture before we ate our feast together.

Mamas Fire and soy sauce to taste and enjoy!

As Josh posts his recipes there will of course be links to all the goodness.

I hope your feasts are as good on this darkest day of the year and that you are enjoying your Mama’s Fire.  Happy New Year to all my readers and may the year of the Water Dragon bring us all oceans of kindness, blessings and prosperity.

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