Tibetan hot sauce made old school

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Mama's Fire Hot Sauce being made at the cannery

I want to share with you all my newest adventure into the realm of technology.  I successfully completed my first youtube video and here it is:

My operations directer came over recently and filmed me while I made a batch of hot sauce the way I used to make it years ago in my back yard.  This short video is of what I call “the pour”.  The pour is when I take my garlic, onion, peppers and ginger mix them all together and pour smoking hot oil over the veggies to flash cook them, it creates an intoxicating billow of smoke which become Mama’s Fire Tibetan hot sauce.  It is like nothing you have ever smelt before.  Enjoy the youtube and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Some other reviews of Mama’s Fire

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My home town, beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Hello all.  I know it seems like a long time since my last post but I was so excited about that review and seeing it each time I came to the blog, that I didn’t have the heart to write and lose the excitement I felt as I witnessed Joe’s review each day.  Enough time has passed and so here I am again to share more stories about Mama’s Fire.

I was talking with my brother about the review and he shared with me this story.  It seems he was walking out of a store at the mall in Boulder, Colorado.  The name of the mall escapes me as I write.  But, he said that he was blown away because he heard two strangers talking about his brother’s hot sauce, Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauce.  This is what he over heard them talking about.  He shared that one was telling their friend about Mama’s Fire, saying it is a very unique and tasty sauce.   When you hear about your sauce from someone who has no connection with you, well I can’t tell you how it feels, but it blew me away.

It is a short tale but one that prompted me to look around the internet for other reviews.  It also began a search of who else has been talking about Mama’s Fire. Here is what I found.

The furthest away and most outrageous being that the Moderate Voice review was picked up by The Times of India.

Mama's Fire talked about in India

This is extraordinary to me because I dream one day that Mama’s Fire will be sold in India as well as the United States.

They are getting ready to open a second location in South Salem, Oregon

Venti’s had this to say:

The Venti’s menu is dynamic and our kitchen is constantly trying out new ideas. Along the way, we discover things that really work. A good example of that is Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce. This local company produces an excellent product. Its unique combination of spices caught our attention in 2010. Chef Tyler quickly recognized what a great fit the Tibetan sauces would be on the Venti’s menu. Shortly thereafter we put Tibetan Pork BBQ on the menu.

Chef Tyler told me that the the “Mama’s Fire guys,” Clint and Jesse, are some of his favorite visitors. “I love when they come in,” Tyler said. “Super cool guys!” As a chef, he loves their Tibetan BBQ sauce. It has enriched our menu, fitting nicely w / our multi-culti style, and Mama’s Fire is a Salem company. “When I place an order, they are right on it. Sometimes they even deliver w/in 30 minutes!”

Pork loin, fresh apples, scallions & snow peas in a sweet & spicy Tibetan BBQ sauce. Served over basmati rice & garnished w/ diced red peppers & cilantro.

There are five reviews on the Portland Tribe site, click the link to find them, the folks in the Tribe had some very kind things to say.  Here are a few of their comments:

“I love this stuff. It’s got an unusual flavor that I haven’t tasted elsewhere and once you get hooked, well, then you’re hooked on it.” – Jake

“This sauce is genuinely unique when compared to other hot sauces. I use it all the time. I’m rather addicted to it. I keep bottles of it both at home and at work. Try it on pizza. It’s great!” – Chuck

“This stuff is RAD! I make a tofu and onion or seitan and soy cheese scramble with it and eat it on fry bread or tortillas and its delish.” – rapscallion

Waylon Lewis founder of Elephant Journal has said some great things.  Here is one of the things he had to say,

on Feb 10, 2011

Request Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce at your Grocery!

“I’ll owe you one, I am addicted to this stuff, know these peeps and love them and their work, and would love to see this succeed.”

I found this comment on our facebook page:

“All of us at SignWorks took a spoon and dove into a jar of Authentic Tibetan Hot Sauce. WOW!!! We all loved it! The flavors were amazing. Although I could eat all of it with a spoon, we can’t wait to add it to some of our recipes at home!”

It seems that the word is getting out about Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauces.  I found myself a bit overwhelmed this week with it all.  But truly not at all a bad thing to be overwhelmed in this way.   Thank you all again and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, recipes and stories about Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauce.

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The Moderate Voice

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I woke up this morning and typed hot sauce into Google news and found this post on The Moderate Voice.  I must admit, I knew that it was in the works.  Joe showed great kindness months ago.  He sat me down and gave me an hour of his time to teach me how to write a blog.  I listened intently and took copious notes.

Here is a picture of Joe taken from his blog.  In appreciation for his taking the time with me to share his knowledge, I sent him a jar of Mama’s Fire hot sauce and BBQ sauce.  What follows is his review.  For the review on his blog feel free to click the link above.

I’ve always known one thing: NOTHING is a more polarizing subject than hot sauce or barbecue sauce. But you can’t be moderate in your praise of Mama’s Fire Tibetan Barbecue Sauce and Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce.

I know and love spicy food. When I lived in India and in Bangladesh as a journalist, I became passionate about spicy foods. When I did shows in Texas in my later entertainer incarnation I not only had chili at some of the best barbecues and chili restaurants in Texas but attended (and sampled) a major chili cook-off at a Texas fair. At home in San Diego I eat lots of Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Thai foods and use spices often.

But there is a big, ongoing debate about barbecue sauce and hot sauce among those who love it – one that’s often hotter than radio “hot talk” shows.

Just when is a sauce too spicy? Is it best to use a liberal amount? Conservative amount? Moderate amount? When you taste the food will the sauce bring out the flavor of the meat, fowl or fish? Or does it blast the flavor away, overpowering the food so you taste sauce on something but it’d taste the same, no matter what you used it on? Does the spice quickly evaporate? Or linger? And if in lingers, is it a mouthwatering linger or an unpleasant one?

So I eagerly ripped open my UPS-delivered carton containing Mama’s Fire Tibetan Barbecue Sauce with its red color and the greenish-grey jar of Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot sauce and studied the recipes in the enclosed brochure. I got ready to go to the website for more recipes – and then it hit me. Why not try to see how it tastes if you’re on the run and don’t have time to do a special recipe? How would it fare in everyday, average, no-time-to-do-recipes cooking?

Could the barbecue sauce pass a test like being used at a housewarming party and served to people of all ages? Could the jar of hot sauce pass the test if I used it on something I quickly grabbed from my freezer?

THE FIRST TEST: I was invited to a housewarming party in San Diego and brought a box of about 12 chicken legs with me and a bottle of barbecue sauce. I gave it to the hosts, who marinated it in Mama’s Fire barbecue with instructions to grill it outside and let people sample them and know I would get their reactions.

Whenever anyone bit into it they’d go “MMMMMMM!” immediately. All ages loved it – particularly teenagers.

The normally talkative Cloey M,, 18, repeated over and over: “It was really really good. Really REALLY good!” Joseph B, 17:”This is just excellent. It goes so well with chicken. Perfect! Honestly!” Greg S., 19, savored it as if he tasted fine wine. “It tastes flavorful, yet it’s not super strong on chicken. It’s sweet but with a kick of spice that kicks in later. It’s a nice flavor and it lingers. It’s really really good.”

The sentiments were echoed by older folks, typified by Jack P, 46: “This is very very VERY good. It lets the taste of the chicken come through – which is good. It doesn’t drown out the flavor of the food.”

By the time I left, there were some leftovers from the meal – but all of the chicken legs were gone.

THE SECOND TEST: Now it was time for me to take the plunge with the jar of Mama’s Fire Hot Sauce at home, using it on something from my freezer. I decided to use two exceedly boring pork chops and broil them. After a few minutes I coated the top of the chops. Then after a few minute turned them over and coated the other side. When these usually boring chops were done I tasted them — and suddenly uttered the words I thought I’d never utter: “Duh! Winning!!”

No joke: these were the BEST pork chops I ever had.

Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce turned the boring pork chops into an exciting dish: you could taste the sauce, but it enhanced the flavor of the meat itself in two ways. The flavoring perfectly permeated the chop. And due to its ingredients and just the right amount of oil in it, the pork chop came out juicer than usual. It accentuated the delicious flavor of the pork chops itself yet you could tastes the wonderful sauce that was spicy but not too hot.

I needed another test for part two.

So the next night I decided to try it on some turkey burgers that I tried at Costco and loved but tasted bland when I got them home. I was read to throw them out. This time, I fried the turkey burgers for a few minutes, then put on a coating on top of each one and after a minute or so, flipped it over, and put another coating and covered it. Once again: Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce with a mouthwatering flavor all its own, made the turkey burgers fry so they emerged juicier than usual, and enhanced the flavor of the turkey itself.

My conclusion? Mama’s Fire Tibetan Barbecue Sauce and Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce can be used for fine or quick cooking. The flavors are unlike any others you’ve had.

And Mama’s Tibetan Barbecue Sauce and Mama’s Fire Tibetan Hot Sauce will enhance the flavor of your food: it doesn’t compete with your meat.

Thank you Joe for everything, I am overjoyed that you enjoyed the sauce.  For those who read, who are curious, try the experiments for your self.  We cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste

Grilling in Oregon

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Oregon is rainy, the stories are true, gray and rainy.  So, if you want to grill, you have to get wet or have a shed.  I have a shed.  I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of me at the grill this weekend.

It is dark in the shed

As you might imagine, it is dark in the shed, so I need a way to see what I am doing.  This is my solution to grilling in the Oregon rainy season:

It is I in my head lamp

A head lamp makes grilling possible, but I look a little silly doing it.  My son is always asking me why I have that thing on my head when bringing the meat to be served.

One must admit I look a little silly.

And, finally our Saturday feast: Red Chicken, steak in garlic sauce and some Santa Fe steak.  The Garlic steak is made with my personal garlic sauce (not yet on the market).  I take the oil from the Tibetan hot sauce and pour it over the left over garlic which I didn’t use in making my Tibetan hot sauce.  I then bake it – this is my glorious garlic sauce.

Our feast on the grill.

To all of you who enjoy your grill, give Mama’s Fire a try and enjoy your summer.  Even if you do have to grill in a shed.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste

Happy Mother’s Day from Mama’s Fire

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Hello all.  So mothers day is almost over and I thought I would share the youtube my mother sent to me.  She thought it was a very funny reenactment of the perfect east coast mother, just like mine.

My mother had a good day.  I called this evening and she shared that she had brunch with friends, got lots of flowers and her kids were doing well.  My wife and I had good day and she has gone to bed.  Her last words to me were something like, your making it to complicated – just give kindness.  I thought that was good advice.  May all you mothers have a mama’s fire good holiday!!!

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Why Compassion? Happy mothers day!

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We are all interconnected so why not be compassionate?

So what does hot sauce have to do with compassion?  There is a story that goes back to my mother and the way she raised her children.  Anytime we came to her with complaints of suffering, her response was always, “Imagine that you are experiencing this suffering for all sentient beings.”  As a teenager, I had a hard time understanding this and so asked her what she meant by it.  Her response was, “If you are suffering anyway you might as well do it for the benefit of all beings, meet the suffering for them so that they don’t have to. They have all been your mothers at one time or another.”  This is a traditional teaching of Buddhism.  My mother was truly a Buddhist mother and her teachings shaped who I am today.  Here is the Dalai Lama giving a wonderful and simple definition of compassion.

When I began the process of creating this venture, I began with compassion.  I decided I would create a business model that would be of benefit to others.  My idea, initially, was not to create a line of hot sauce, it was to create a non-profit business that would support artists and spiritual seekers financially to follow their bliss.  I created the Sacred Works Project as a means to do just that.

As I got further into the process, I had the idea that a cottage industry might be good to support this effort and this is when Mama’s Fire began to become a reality.  Even here my mothers words, “You might as well do it for the benefit of all sentient beings”, came into my mind.  I decided not just to make hot sauce but to heal with it.  I decided to say mantras over the hot sauce.  A very specific manta actually.  It translates loosely as, I offer you oceans of loving kindness, so be it.   The cannery continues to say this mantra three times over every batch of sauce they make.  My thought was to bless the sauce, in so doing bless the food it is put on, and in this way I would heal with hot sauce.  It may seem silly but that line of thought kept me going when things got hard in making the sauce and the Sacred Works Project a reality.  It keeps me going to this day.  Happy mother’s day everybody!  And find compassion for those around you for at one time they have all been your mother.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste