Today I looked at my blog after many years and realized I had disappeared after the last relic tour came to town.  I am not sure why but the answer is yes, I disappeared.  I went into retreat. Surrendered and surrendered some more.  I gave up and in that deep surrender, I saw the grace of the mother and I wrote.  I am ten chapters into conjuring  the new book, here is a story that I thought you all might appreciate. It is entitled The  Nagas Seven, I hope you all enjoy the story and please know that I am also coming out of retreat in regards to the Sacred Works and Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauce.  The cannery is making another batch as I share these words, so feel free to come on over to Mama’s Fire and order some sauce and enjoy the tale of the Nagas Seven…

Nagas Seven

By Jesse Govinda Thompson


I heard a tale long ago about dragons. They left one day and the black age of Kalima began. Well, in this tale there is a happy ending. You see, all things rise and fall in the cycle and where there is a dark age, the Golden Age has already begun. Death told me the story and then gave me the yoga of seeing the Dragons in the fire. They are never lost, they just wait for the Great Mother’s return.

The Dragons are the life force, the fuel that feeds the spirit to the very end. Each dragon, the story goes, heals an element upon its return. Air, water, earth, fire, space, time and Bhraman-God, each dragon has their role in healing the pathways of the tree of life. They heal all the elements and bring with them the loving mother. She in turn slays the king of the Demons and closes the door to his realm with the seal of the iron wolf. She closes the door and begins the cycle a new with the Golden Age.

Dragon Queen

Serpent Mother Law

Seven and all

Healed, Healed, Healed.

Gunas and Vedas

Filled to the brim

No end of joy, peace and ease.

From the inside out complete.

Dragons seven

Home with the mother again.

It has been a long dark age.

We are so happy for your return.

Sealed and healed

Naga bliss restored

Dragons playing in the sky

Dancing, playing, joyous peace

Beginning, middle and end

Dragons laughing, glee in the air.

One of many songs from the bards of old. It is said that when they return they heal all indiscriminately. Death smiled when he shared this with me, he said, “This Nagas seven and their hissing, ungelating return is the Mother’s favorite moment in the cycle; when the dark age transforms right before her eyes into the Golden Age again.”

Death had a sparkle in his eyes when he said those words to me. Can you imagine having the perspective of seeing the Golden Age return over and over again. I know, I wish I could have that perspective. Who are the dragons, I asked, they must each have a name and marvelous story of their life. Death agreed with me and went on with his tale. The Great Mother Law, Vishnu’s consort, offers her head at the beginning of the dark age and two spirts of blood rise up and form serpent heads, she leaves taking her magic and her dragons with her. Hell on earth, sadness is always with us, unceasing depression fills our minds, war, famine, disease. The demons, Death explained that the demons feed on suffering, the more the suffering the greater the feast. If you are a demon, the horrors are good news. It gets so bad that the balance has to be restored and Vishnu steps in to do his job.

He takes a human form and steps into the vedas and gunas never becoming one with them to restore the balance. He heals the great mother and in her love she returns and releases the dragons. The dragons in turn heal the tree of life. The tree of life heals all beings and we return to the beginning of the cycle. The story of the Seven Dragons is the Avatar’s tale, his fruition, his three days and full understanding of the grail. If you would like I would be happy to share the stories of the seven the their magic veils.

Please I pray,

With joy in my heart

Tell us these stories

So that we may know

Each dragons laugh.


“Names are tricky”, Mahakala said. Sorry, Death said, Death is one of Mahakala’s names and duties. The names of the dragons are trickier. They keep them secret as it brings them under your command to speak them. Tara knows these names and she will never tell.

Mahakala went on, “I have nick names for them and these I can share. I love the dragons, they are so much fun to spend time with.”  Mahakala is a great storyteller, so I am sorry you have to hear it second hand from me. “The first dragon is my favorite.” Death smiled, his fangs I remembered sparkled in the light. “Tiamat, five headed queen, red deep as blood and pure as rubies. She is a prankster and she loves to laugh.” Mahakala had another moment as he shared his tale, “Tara and Tiamat laugh all the time together and that is my favorite sound. The resonance of profound perfection, these two ladies laughing, protection of love vibrating in every beings core; that is a laugh truly worth hearing.”

Death went on to describe Tiamat, “Her magic heals Bhraman, the very nature and vibration of God, she heals and feeds the dakinis. They have a great love for each other. She sits at the base of the tree of life with her sisters six, when we are in a golden age.

Sister two, Mahakala started and then paused, it would probably be important to share that Tiamat holds all six of his sisters powers in her body her magic feeding and healing them as well. Now, sister two is blue in color and dances in the waves of the magic ocean of the universe. She heals the liquid flow of life. Her skin dances like watching the sun dappling the crystal blue sea. Neffie is her name and she has a powerful wit, I mean it, she knows everything! She in her very nature is the knowledge that heals and holds time.

Bodhi is next and she is green in color. Now Bodhi is worth spending time with, another Death moment, as he mused about how good if feels to be in Bodhi’s presence. She heals and feeds the earth. It is easy to grow deep roots in her presence.

Agni, queen of fire, I call her Agni, I wasn’t very creative, Death said, when I came up with that name. Do you mind that I act out Death’s character as I tell the tale? No, then I won’t stop. Agni, red as the depths of fire, she is passion, desire, carnal expression, she heals creation. She can burn you up in her ecstatic love.   Agni heals the nature of fire.

“Cassandra, I have always liked that name,” Death said. Cassandra and Neffie are close indeed. Neffie heals the flow of time and Cassandra heals the waters they become. She is dark and deep, her mind like the bottom of the great ocean. Cassandra heals the waters of life when she returns.

Chi, now watching her fly cannot be described. Death slapped me on the shoulder when he shared, I’ll admit the hit hurt a bit. Chi is white, with rainbows in her scales. She dances in the air like a miracle. She is the air and heals the flow of prana, nadi and bindu. She oversees all the pathways of reality.

When you began the story you spoke of seven dragons, you have shared six so far, tell me of the seventh dragon.

I am wary to do so, Mahakala said to me. I only hesitate as this would mean invoking the seven and bringing an end to the dark age. Is it time, it does feel like we have been wandering in the thick black fog of materialism for quite a while. Death nodded, he came to a decision in that moment and his palace dissolved around us, we sat in open space. The dragon of space itself, she heals all that is left after her sisters have finished their work. Hokmah is Tara’s most beloved dragon, her familiar. Hokmah, the master craftswoman of creation, consort to Yahwey, lives with Tara when not in her lovers embrace and heals space itself.

I tell you now something that I have never shared before, as the palace dissolved, the space itself came to life, empty awareness completely pregnant with all the potential of reality became one with us, us with it. Mahakala waved his hand in a secret mudra and I watched as reality opened before us and the great tree of life was infused with love, seven times it happened and I watched as an ancient dying tree became resilient and full of life once again. With each healing the dragons took their place at the base of the tree and allowed their energies to fill it and heal it once again.

Young bard, Mahakala finished, please tell my story. The bard stopped his enactment of death and said, “I have permission to be telling this tale, so listen close because we are now at the end. Now you know the story of the seven dragons and their role in bringing the Golden Age, let us feast and celebrate the good fortune of us meeting in this way.

Sacred ingredients…Enlightened taste