One of the statues now for sale in the Sacred Works Gallery

Exciting news! A dream that I have had since I began this journey with the Sacred Works Project and Mama’s Fire Gourmet Sauce, is now a reality.  I am very excited to share that we have created the Sacred Works Gallery to sell items as a means to support artisans and spiritual practitioners who are working to bring about bodhicitta loving kindness on our world.

We have begun this effort with two product lines to go along side our tasty sauces.  The first is a line of Tibetan Buddhist statues and shrine items which are exquisitely made and beautifully painted.  Seventy five percent of all profits made on these lovely items will go to the Venerable Karma Namgyal Rinpoche to support his gurus request that he perform one hundred and eight Chenrezig fire pujas in the United States.  Each of these ceremonies has many offering that must go into the fire.  So there is a financial burden with each ceremony. The Sacred Works Project has deemed that this is an effort that meets our mission and one we want to support.   It is truly a great thing to take part in, I have been to three over the past two years.  It is an envocation of the Buddha of compassion, a powerful sadhana which blesses all who take part in it and the land on which it is done.   In the ritual herbs, spices, candy, salt and many other items are offered to him by pouring them into the fire.  It is something worth supporting and so I have made it possible for all of you to do so through buying his products online.

The second line of offerings is a line of hand made malas.  These prayer beads are hand crafted by a wonderful woman named Emily, she is a graduate of the first class of the School for Yogis, a Dharma study of Tara’s wisdom taught in the basement of Addictions tattoo parlor in Salem, Oregon.  It was an outrageous offering of Dharma made by yours truly over the last three years.  She is pouring her devotion and her practice of honoring the great mother Tara into making malas for the Sacred Works Project.  She is generously offering all of her profits to the Sacred Works Projects efforts to bring the Maitreya Heart Shrine Relic Tour to Salem, Oregon. To see all of her offerings check out the gallery which can be found both at and

A store to support efforts of Bodhicitta loving kindness this is truly my dream come true!  I do hope you all find some wonderful gifts an items for yourselves and buy with the knowledge that your investment of financial energy is being directed at loving kindness!

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