Jesse here once again.  Today, I thought to share with you my readers the story of how Mama’s Fire got its name.  We must go back six years to the days when my wife was pregnant with my son.  I had just learned how to make Tibetan hot sauce (another good story for another time).  I loved it!

I had Tibetan hot sauce at my disposal all the time and so of course, I put it in everything.  Spaghetti sauce, stir fries, stews, eggs, I mean everything.  It should also be noted that at that time I was the cook of the house.  There was not a dish that I did not put the sauce in, not just some sauce, a lot of sauce.

My wife being pregnant, she had indigestion all the time.  Needless to say, the spicy food did not help her dilemma.  One day she got so mad at me, she yelled (my wife is not one to yell), “My guts are all pushed up into my throat, you have to stop using the sauce, it hurts!”  I asked her tonight about that time and she is still angry about it.  I was kind of a jerk or as Trungpa Rinpoche said “men are stupid and woman are crazy”  I think here I strayed into the men are stupid area, but I loved the sauce, and I guess I really just didn’t understand why she didn’t.  I am certainly a silly man who did not grasp the pain I was causing her, for that I am sorry.  But, it makes me smile inside everyday when I see her using the sauce.   My sons gift of discomfort along with Green Tara’s influence (it is her mantra blessing I say over the sauce) is how the sauce got its name – Mama’s Fire.